Tommy heavenly6 – monochrome rainbow

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Tommy heavenly6 – monochrome rainbow

1. monochrome rainbow

2. I’M YOUR DEVIL -Halloween Remix-

3. monochrome rainbow (Instrumental)

4. I’M YOUR DEVIL -Halloween Remix- (Instrumental)

Now a lot of you might not know just how excited I am for this. Ever since discovering Tommy heavenly6 back in 2004-05ish I have loved her so much and was introduced to the brilliant green that way as well. Her latest singles since this one (and I’m talking about PAPERMOON and Unlimited Sky here) were really great and I couldn’t wait for another album. But then she released I KILL MY HEART which was absolute trash and didn’t sound like Tommy heavenly6 at all.

But then rumors began to swirl and suddenly she released a digital single titled I’M YOUR DEVIL which was so good and back to the original heavenly6 sound that I so loved. Now that this single is officially out I really can’t wait to see what comes next. OK, now that that’s out of the way here we go…

“monochrome rainbow” starts out with a really intense electric guitar and percussion that I’m used to from Tommy heavenly6 and it made me really happy to hear, especially since it sounded like it had some soul to it rather than the droning from I KILL MY HEART. Tommy’s voice sounds better than ever I think and this is also extremely apparent in the chorus. I also think she has toned down the harmonizing vocals a bit which I consider to be a good thing as it sounds more natural. I really liked the overall melancholy yet intense melodies carried throughout the song. Overall an amazing comeback sound and song.

Score – 9

OK so like I said I’M YOUR DEVIL was released quite a while back as a digital single and while I normally review everything if I can, including digi singles, I just couldn’t get my hands on it, though it was on youtube and the like. The “Halloween Remix” of the song is certainly that, and I think it is something Tommy is kind of known for. You can’t really take it too seriously though. At 10+ minutes you might think what the hell is going on, well for almost 3 minutes you’ve got Tommy speaking to you in English, creepy things, and there are scary sound effects and the like, I’m not going to go too much into it because frankly I don’t care for it. Once the song actually starts, there really isn’t anything overly Halloween-y about it Which is great in my opinion you’ve got a few thunderclaps and………. . The song itself is great as it’s hard and one of her more true rock sounding songs. I really like how she sounds during the verses leading up to the chorus too. Basically I am going to rate this song a little low because of the Halloween crap, but the original version gets a higher rating, hopefully it will show up on the upcoming album and I can properly rate it then.

Score – 7.5

Final Note

Like, I said already, this is an awesome comeback single and I can’t wait for more + an album.

Overall Rating



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