girl next door – Boogie-Woogie Night

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girl next door – Boogie-Woogie Night

1. Boogie-Woogie Night

2. Happy Birthday!

3. Hoshizora Keikaku (FROM LIVE Destination)

4. Boogie-Woogie Night (Instrumental)

5. Happy Birthday! (Instrumental)

I’m just going to be honest for a second, I found ROCK YOUR BODY to be kind of silly of a title, and didn’t think the song would be that good because of it. So I’m sure you can imagine my dismay when I realized the title of this single was Boogie-Woogie Night. OK, now that I’ve said that, onward!

 Contrary to my judging a single by its title “Boogie-Woogie Night” isn’t THAT bad of a song, it’s not amazing of course, the lyrics “Boogie-oogie-Woogie-oogie Party Night!” still makes me cringe. The song has a lot going on so many natural instruments, though I didn’t care much for the trumpet. It’s got good energy and even though it clocks in at just under 4 minutes it seems to really fly by.

Score – 7.5

I just can’t help it, I was even more fearful when I realized the next song was called “Happy Birthday!” I was glad that the song was on the mellower side though it was kind of teetering on the border of boring and a bit forgetful. I also couldn’t help the feeling that it was too themed and rather corny. The more prominent percussion was a nice touch and +1 for guitar solo instrumental break. Also, Chisa needs to work on that “th” sounds 😛

Score – 7

Final Note

You know, I thought this was going to be worse than ROCK YOUR BODY but it ended up being a little bit better.

Overall Rating



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