girl next door – ROCK YOUR BODY

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girl next door – ROCK YOUR BODY

1. ROCK YOUR BODY (Extended Ver.)

2. Nanatsu no Moji


4. Ready to be lady (LIVE FROM Destination)

5. ROCK YOUR BODY (Instrumental)

Whew this is late, of course, like I said, really didn’t like it, seemed to have halted my whole reviewing process actually. Oh well here I go.

Good christ this track is 8:54. I know it’s the “Extended Version” of ROCK YOUR BODY but damn. Also, no idea why this would come before the regular(?) version but whatever. Anyway intro is long as hell and just consists of some pretty generic thumping club sounding beats then this woman starts shouting “It’s time to…” well I don’t know because I can’t make it out along with some crowd cheering effects. The pace suddenly changes to a more mellow beat that I actually liked but then it just goes back to the generic thumping stuff. At 3 and a half minutes in I was left wondering when the actual song was going to start because I had had enough of this intro. Finally, 4 minute in, Chisa starts singing and you know, it actually doesn’t sound that bad. I liked the vocals in the verses but then the melody of the chorus comes in and Chisa starts singing “Everybody, hey! ROCK YOUR BODY!” over and over and I’m just not feeling it. Naturally, it’s a hyper song so overall I’m not really digging it anyway. As soon as I thought things could improve, the bridge just pulls a typical gnd by sounding like a ton of their older stuff… By the time this song was coming to a close I was just thankful to be honest.

Score – 5.5

“Nanatsu no Moji” gives me a breathe of fresh air, mostly because it calms things down a bit even though it’s pretty active. I actually kind of liked this one, the beats and sound were well old but that’s nothing new for gnd. That needed improvement of course, but the overall melody and the flow of the song, especially the chorus worked really well, and saves the song for me. Quite frankly even with the overplayed synths, etc. This song manages to be one of their better ones in quite a while.

Score – 8

NO, NOT THIS AGAIN ;; No really, I literally cringed when the 5:00 version of “ROCK YOUR BODY” started played. Nothing new here so I’m not even going to bother but it does have one redeeming factor. It’s shorter.

Score – 6

Final Note

Whew, what a doozy.

Overall Rating



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