Koda Kumi – Love Me Back

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Koda Kumi – Love Me Back

1. Love Me Back

2. Say Her Name

3. Love Me Back (Andy Price Remix)

One again we have another sexy track in the form of “Love Me Back” though I honestly thought the song was going to sound a bit different. Couldn’t help but feel like it had a kind of secret agent (007) feel/theme to the song. The “Oh my, give me, give me, give me, give me… love for me” in the chorus was really catchy but then… oh wait, it’s over, yup the song clocks in at an unfortunate 2:58 though I do feel like it did everything it could possibly do in that time so, no real harm.

Score – 8

“Say Her Name” starts up and instantly I’m really surprised for some reason. Acoustic guitar and some slick beats start up and throw me for a bit of a loop. The song borderlines on an alternative R&B if you will which I found to be a really interesting sound. Naturally, being a B-side, the overall arrangement felt a little less involved, but I feel as if it could have been really good, not to say that it was bad. Kuu’s vocals fit the song well. The end of the song was done perfectly.

Score – 8

Man, this “Andy Price” Remix of Love Me Back pretty much makes me hate the song. It seemingly slows down the song and just makes everything sound a little whiny, not to mention this effect . Of course, as I find with most remixed songs, it just ends up sounding way too repetitive and annoying and a tragedy to the original song.

Score – 4

Final Note

Not incredible, but decent, also, I think I should just stop reviewing remixed songs.

Overall Rating



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