MiChi – Find Your Way

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MiChi – Find Your Way

1. Find Your Way

2. Perfect World

3. Just The Way You Are

4. Find Your Way (Instrumental)

“Find Your Way” initially seemed like it would be a great song, the intro beat and MiChi’s vocalizing were pretty good. But instantly I could get the feeling that this was ONE Take 2. The background music just ends up feeling a little cheap which is a shame since the lead up to the chorus featuring strings seemed so promising. Michi’s vocals are top notch though and it seems to be the only real thing that saves the song for me. Not to mention she also really shows some strength in her voice, which was different and not something I was accustomed to hearing, it was welcome. I just wish the music had backed that up more.

Score – 8

MiChi’s B-sides tend to be really awesome, and naturally, “Perfect World” is no exception. The first time I heard the song it didn’t click with me, but nearly instantly on the second listen everything fit into place. It starts off with a kind of skipping, cut, subdued music that suddenly shifts into this mellow, calming beat right after MiChi says “There’s no such thing… as a Perfect World”. MiChi sings in a much higher register in this song that I’m not really used to, mostly because I  don’t think I’ve heard it before, or if so not much. Wasn’t sure how much I dug it but it didn’t seem that bad. It really kind of felt like the vocals took a back seat in this song which I normally don’t like or agree should ever happen but it was sort of OK for me here.

Score – 8.5

And now for a typical cover! This time MiChi covers Bruno Mars’ “Just The Way You Are”. I can stand the original, although that makes it sound as if I don’t like it that much which isn’t the case, it’s an alright song. The opening vocalizing is really pretty and I think she does the song justice. Nothing much going on here, like I said it’s a pretty typical cover, though I guess this version naturally sounds a bit more ethereal.

Score – 8

Final Note

Was looking for a kick ass A-side on this one, didn’t really find it but oh well, wasn’t too bad.

Overall Rating



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