Perfume – Spice

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Perfume – Spice

1. Spice


3. Spice (Instrumental)

4. GLITTER (Instrumental)

The first thought that came to mind when I heard the opening synth of “Spice” was refreshing, which I feel seems weird but it’s true. I thought it was interesting and I liked that that beat continued throughout the entire song. Although on that same note, I feel another weird thing, except this time to complain about, is the fact that this one seems a bit repetitive. Still the girls sounds great and I really liked the toned down atmosphere and overall sound of the song and it ends fairly well.

Score – 8

On the other hand of Spice, “GLITTER” is pretty upbeat with blaring repeating synths until the girls start singing. The whole arrangement is kind of cool as along with the synths features some interesting background percussion which I can’t really place at the moment… Anyway, the chorus is infectious and the song ends up feeling like what you really want a Perfume track to feel like. Not much more I can about it really, the song’s just good!

Score – 9

Final Note

Even though I liked the past singles, this single made me a bit more confident about the upcoming album… even though there are only like 4 new songs…

Overall Rating



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