BoA – Milestone

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BoA – Milestone

1. Milestone


3. Merikuri -BEST&USA Version-

4. Milestone (Instrumental Version)

5. I SEE ME (Instrumental)

6. Merikuri -BEST&USA Version- (Instrumental)

So Milestone is in commemoration of BoA’s some odd years in the industry, I can’t really be arsed to look it up at the moment. I really tend to hate when artists start celebrating anniversaries, mostly because they get really lazy and just tend to release Bests </3 But anyway, that’s enough ranting, onward!

“Milestone” is a ballad, that’s evident of course right off the bat with the sole piano accompanied with BoA’s vocals. I’d hate to say that BoA ballads are boring but… Erm anyway, once the chorus kicks in, some strings kick things up a notch and BoA hits some wonderful high notes. It’s too bad the whole song couldn’t be like that because it sort of reverts to being boring after that, no matter how much more magical the choruses after that got. It also ends sounding extremely… unfinished? I was like “Wait, did the song end?” And then I SEE ME started…

Score – 6.5

I reviewed “I SEE ME” much earlier in the year when it was released as a digital single, mostly because I really liked it and thought for some reason that it would never see the light of day as a normal release. The chorus is truly the highlight of the song, however, unlike Milestone, the rest of it isn’t as boring as hell.

Score – 8.5

As I understand it, Merikuri was a song she released a while back, but then re-recorded for her most recent(?) best album. Well regardless listening to this “BEST&USA Version” of the song is the first time I’m hearing it. To put it bluntly, I really just don’t care for it. It was kinda sleepy which is sometimes OK but it was borderline boring here. As far as Christmas songs go, it didn’t sound very Christmasy… which I think might have hurt it a bit for me. I mean, it was kind of, but just not enough. Just a typical sounding piano ballad with some chimes, etc. I just ended up feeling “Nothing to hear here, move along.”

Score – 7

Final Note

Meh, Oh nice I SEE ME, Meh

Overall Rating



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