Crystal Kay – Superman

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Crystal Kay – Superman

1. Superman

2. Love Road

3. Superman (Piano Version)

4. Superman (Instrumental)

5. Love Road (Instrumental)

Yay finally!

Crystal gets back to her true R&B roots with “Superman” and it has never looked better on her. The song starts off with some thumping beats alongside Kay’s smooth voice. I liked how the chorus kind of explodes and I especially liked the melody during it. The breakdown starting off the bridge, featuring a small talking section in English, was a really cool touch. Also, the sound effects during it gave a really different feel. The synths and claps that the song ended with was incredibly cool and ended the song off well.

Score – 8

“Love Road” is most certainly a typical piano ballad, especially one from Crystal Kay, you’ll probably feel as if you’ve heard it already unfortunately. I mean, Kay’s voice is beautiful there’s no doubt, but there’s really nothing groundbreaking about this one. Though, the almost uplifting sound of it all was nice and that I enjoyed. Again, it’s a bit more R&B than the majority of her stuff lately, which is a nice change up, even though I liked the more synthetic sound FLASH had.

Score – 7.5

The “Piano Version” of Superman is exactly what you’d expect it to be, a slowed down, piano ballad version of the song. I thought it wasn’t going to work that well, but it ended up sounding much better than I thought it would. The translation from uptempo song being sung in this manner with the piano backing it actually was kind of refreshing. I was unexpectedly impressed, though, I wouldn’t go on and say it was amazing or anything.

Score – 8

Final Note

This single might not be her best, but I’m just glad she’s back tbh.

Overall Rating



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