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2. December

3. Revolution

4. TOKYO NIGHT (Instrumental)

MiChi’s lastest single before her new album THERAPY comes out! Let’s see now…

“Tokyo Night” starts off with quite an electronic sound which I think was probably foreseeable. As soon as MiChi starts singing though, things sound a little flat, and dare I say it, boring. The building right before the chorus showed promise but then once the chorus actually hits, it just definitely felt a bit lackluster. Again it was one of those songs that I kept waiting for something to really happen, but it never really goes anywhere.

Score – 7.5

As soon as “December” starts, I was feeling it. It’s quite quiet at first but then bursts into some percussion and electric guitar. It suffers a little bit from being slower paced and I do wish it was faster. The chorus helps alleviate some of the draggy feeling and is the highlight of the song. MiChi sounds a little shaky in this one which isn’t something I hear from her often, but it didn’t detract too much and I still enjoyed the song. Interesting to note that the song is all in English.

Score – 8

“Revolution” is a cover, naturally for a MiChi single, of The Veronicas song by the same name. The music sounds a little on the light side and I wish it had been a little harder like the original. The sound seems to get a little better towards the end. MiChi occasionally sounds shaky again while singing this one, I noticed it more here than in December. An OK cover, she’s definitely done better though.

Score – 7

Final Note

Well all I can say about this single, with the exception of December, is that I’m glad her new album is coming out soon because this just wasn’t really up to par, like many of her latest singles unfortunately.

Overall Rating



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