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Disc 1 “february6”








Disc 2 “heavenly6”



3. I’M YOUR DEVIL -Short-


5. monochrome rainbow


7. I’M YOUR DEVIL (Halloween Remix)

So here it is, a Tommy february6 and Tommy heavenly6 dual album! And guess what, I’m even going to review the february6 side. Still putting this under Tommy heavenly6 though. Sorry this is a little late in the day, had some complications.

So I have only heard a little bit of Tommy february6 in the past (and have liked a small amount of what I heard at that) though I think she’s growing on me a bit. “HOT CHOCOLAT” having been released as promo prior to the album being released works as a reminded of who february6 is exactly. It sounds exactly how one would imagine. An upbeat, synthed up dance number. Kawase sounds cutesy and playful in this persona and like I said, a perfect number to kind of “reintroduce” february6.

Score – 7

“GIMME GIMME GIMME” goes back even further to what really made february6 popular, I’m assuming, with that really heavily 80’s influenced synth pop. For that, surprisingly, made me like this song a lot. I thought the chorus was great but I couldn’t help but compare it a bit to “Love is Forever” one of the few february6 songs I do like and have been listening to for a long time, perhaps that’s why I like this, regardless, it didn’t bother me too much.

Score – 7.5

“I’M YOUR ANGEL” believe it or not, isn’t a “february6” version of heavenly’s I’M YOUR DEVIL and I gotta say, I was a little disappointed as I was kind of looking forward to it being like that, I thought it would have been cool. Regardless of my disappoints, the song had a great beat, and a vibrant upbeat atmosphere that I couldn’t help but enjoy while listening.

Score – 7

Things progress into a slightly darker territory with “MY FUTURE BOY”, if only in sound alone. I feel like I could kind of hear some earlier heavenly6 influences in this song which was kind of interesting, but don’t get me wrong, it’s definitely a february6 song. An well placed change of pace and a decent song, but nothing too amazing here.

Score – 6.5

“LAST SLOW DANCE” continues a slower darker trend which is probably evident in the title. Again I couldn’t help but feel some slight heavenly6 influences in here, and even reminiscent of some of the brilliant green’s music, but again it still maintains a distinct february6-ness about it. Kawase sings  in the lowest register yet, the chorus being the main attraction here in expressing a really melancholy feeling and atmosphere. As depressing as it seemed, I kind of liked it.

Score – 7.5

“GOOD NIGHT MY SWEET DAY” brings some really funky sounds into the mix, and I’m talking like, funk music. The guitar in the background just really brings a cool kind of attitude to the song. The chorus however, was a complete disappoint. It was a little boring and on the repetitive side. I expected more from the sound of the song, it seemed like it was headed in a better direction than that. However, I don’t condemn the song for just that, the rest of it is decent enough to merit a good rating in my book.

Score – 7.5

“I HOLD YOUR NIGHT” fits very well for being the last song on the february6 side. It’s probably the most melancholic of all with Kawase again singing in a lower register. Not that the other influences were bad but I’m glad the last song here manages to be a song all february6’s own. As sad as it seemed there is a slight glimmer to the sound that made it seem more comforting than anything, and I think the lyrics reflect that as well.

Score – 8

Conversely to the last song “CALL ME PRINCESS” works perfectly as the first song on the heavenly side of the album. The song starts somewhat quiet, building strong to a really hard and heavy rock sound, doing well to distance itself from february6. The chorus does a good job of refreshing what the rest of the song can seem like at first which is a little drony, if you will. I like the attitude Kawase brings to the song, especially when she says “Call me princess…” at the end of the chorus and in the bridge especially.

Score – 7.5

I think I had a bit of PTSD with the beginning of “HATE YOUR LIES” it was a grungy sound similar to something I might have heard on I KILL MY HEART which as most people know by now was terrible. Thankfully the song picks up a bit right after the intro into quite a thumping heavy sound. The chorus especially (thankfully) elevates everything to another level again though I couldn’t help but hear a little tinge of Swear in there, another very early heavenly6 song. Again I couldn’t really complain because I was happy to hear it there.

Score – 8

Finally! Since being released as a digital single I finally get an official release of the “-Short-” version of I’M YOUR DEVIL as the album calls it, but really it’s just the normal version of the song which needs clarification after the Halloween Remix got released. I’M YOUR DEVIL is the perfect heavenly6 song in my opinion, it’s got a lot going on, the sound and arrangement are really dynamic and Kawase sings with just enough attitude, and of course, it’s catchy to boot. I love the extra bit of guitar you hear in the final chorus at the very end of the song as well as the accompanying riffs.

Score – 9.5

“YOU HURT ME” is another great example of heavenly6 music, with a unique mixture of this down, yet upbeat aggressiveness. This is especially evident with kind of a subtle, yet in your face chorus though I was reminded a little of a particular song by Paramour. Overall the track ends up being a tad on the mediocre side, still a decent track though.

Score – 7.5

monochrome rainbow” was heavenly6’s first single in ages and it was awesome, a perfect comeback song. I even felt like it showed some maturation in the heavenly6 sound that I was hoping to hear more of on this album. I haven’t really gotten that but I’m still open to waiting for another full fledged heavenly6 album to provide me with that.

Score – 9

“DARK DARK SKY” end up of befittingly being the darkest sounding song matching a few other heavenly6 songs of years past. Everything ends up sounding a little too monotone/boring, at least until the chorus sweeps in and alleviates some of that. I couldn’t help but feel like she’s done this kind of song before, but better so I had trouble enjoying it to any real extent.

Score – 7

Now that I’ve had sufficient time with both versions of I’M YOUR DEVIL, I can honestly say, once you get past the intros and outros of the “Halloween Remix” you can really enjoy what it brings to the song. Some lyrics have changed, there are of course sound effects added, as well as that breakdown for the bridge. All of it manages to make the song unique, of course I still enjoy the original much much more.

Score – 7.5

Final Note

An interesting compilation of songs to be sure. I liked the february6 side about as much as I expected I would, I HOLD YOUR NIGHT being a particular standout. I expected a little more from the heavenly6 side of course, with how great monochrome rainbow and I’M YOUR DEVIL are. I couldn’t help but feel as if it might have been hindered a little by being a dual album but not much can be done about that now, can only hope that the careers will be kept separate from now on.

Overall Rating



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