Crystal Kay – Delicious na Kinyoubi / Haru Arashi

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Crystal Kay – Delicious na Kinyoubi / Haru Arashi

1. Delicious na Kinyoubi

2. Haru Arashi

3. Delicious na Kinyoubi (Instrumental)

4. Haru Arashi (Instrumental)

This is Crystal Kay’s second new single on her new label and first new double A-side single.

“Delicious na Kinyoubi” starts right off with a thumping beat and nice vocalizing from. The music borders on a more synthetic side contrasting with her first new single Superman, which I think is a good thing because while I do love her R&B, I love her Pop a bit more. Crystal sings in a slightly low range at first and kicks things up in the chorus which is amazing. At first it seemed so different and a bit detached from the rest of the song, but after giving it a couple listens it feels more natural. It’s so upbeat and super infectious, not to mention her vocals sound perfectly controlled. I was less than crazy about the breakdown in the bridge, it’s not that I didn’t like it but it kind of felt out of place.

Score – 8.5

“Haru Arashi” continues a more upbeat vibe when honestly, I was kind of expecting a ballad here. Regardless I was pleasantly surprised to hear this electric, kind of dance-y track à la FLASH, which is something I’ve been waiting to hear, that is, songs that sounded like they did on FLASH. It has this really cool ethereal vibe going throughout which I thought was really cool. The lead up to the chorus was one of the highlights of the song. It builds a bit, comes down, builds again and then the chorus hits.The chorus itself is pretty good too, but certainly a little shadowed by that lead up. I thought it was cool to hear the English words “the spring storm” at various parts of the song, “Spring Storm” is what Haru Arashi directly translates to. The song ends in this kind of abrupt way that I liked, it didn’t feel cut short though, which is good. This is exactly one of the kinds of songs I needed to hear from Crystal.

Score – 9

Final Note 

More impressed than I thought I would be. I’m glad that her new direction looks as if it will have some variety.

Overall Rating



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