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1. MadNesS Vol.3


3. LOVE is.

4. Together again


6. Special Someone

7. WoNdeR WomaN

8. Light Up

9. Take It Easy!

10. motto.

11. Find your way


13. ONE

So after such a long time since the release of MiChi’s major label debut with UP TO YOU, she finally releases here sophomore effort with THERAPY. Considering the recent singles I wasn’t sure what I would think overall, and may or may not have been dreading listening to the album.

“MadNesS Vol.3” had a thumping retro beat going on and awesome synths. Hearing it made me think of older MiChi, more attitude and a somewhat punky style. Didn’t really care for the lyrics in it, and when it got a little Bollywood, but other than that it was pretty good.

Score – 7.5

TOKYO NIGHT” appears first though it was the most recent single released by MiChi. Overall I think the song has grown on me the tiniest bit thanks to the funky electric guitar. But I still think it’s mostly a mess, it just goes in weird directions in my opinion, and while I don’t like things to be samey, or predictable, it just didn’t really go anywhere that I thought was right.

Score – 7

So we go from one of the worst not so good MiChi songs to HER ABSOLUTE BEST EVER. “LOVE is.” is just better than any of your favorites and you’ll just have to learn to deal. This was the kind of song MiChi was made to sing. The beat and synths are fantastic, MiChi sounds her best and the song just flows flawlessly. I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I’ve listened to this one since its release.

Score – 10

So poor All about the Girls gets left off of the album but “Together again” makes it on and to be honest, I’m glad, as I thought it was the better of the two. I love the atmosphere of the song and I love how much the pace of the music picks up during the chorus.

Score – 9

“YEAH YEAH YEAH!!!” fits nicely after Together again since I feel like the songs are kind of similar. I certainly like this song a bit more than when I originally listened to it. I rated it high in the past, but didn’t seem too impressed. It’s one of those songs that takes you a little bit to realize that it’s actually kind of special.

Score – 9

Awesome, the first new song on the album is “Special Someone”. I instantly fell in love with the feelings invoked from the blaring, upbeat, somewhat grungy sounding electric guitar. The song has good flow which I find most of MiChi’s recent releases haven’t really had. There’s just been a disconnect between the vocals and the music. Thankfully, this song shows that it’s not completely gone and restores my faith in MiChi already. The chorus sounded brilliant and I liked how fast paced it seemed, similar to Together again’s. The switch to a toned down acoustic sound in the bridge was a cool touch which was made better by the jump back into the normal sound of the song.

Score – 8.5

From such a high to such a low “WoNdeR WomaN” has poor timing. The song is very in your face which would be fine but unfortunately the lead singer of the telephones just sounds awful. I was secretly praying that the album version would be a MiChi only version which I think I would have been fine with. Too much to ask?

Score – 6.5

A bunch of new songs in a row now thankfully, starting with “Light Up” which I find to be similar to the most recent MiChi singles released, the main difference here being that I actually like it. This song just has a sense of flow and cohesiveness that I think the other songs are really missing. I really just enjoyed the feeling put into the vocals, especially in the chorus, it’s not like she can’t or never does, but again, these past singles have left more to be desired. Even though it’s not THAT great a song, it still helps remedy the situation.

Score – 7.5

The beginning of “Take It Easy!” strikes me as being SO MiChi for whatever reason, I guess because it’s kind of quirky. Radio static can be heard as voices are heard through the radio as channels are being tuned in and out as the music, acoustic guitar, plays in along with it. MiChi starts singing and suddenly I’m feeling uneasy, as once again, things just aren’t sounding as good as I thought they would, but then percussion and electric guitar comes bursting in, MiChi gets into her groove and everything is smooth sailing from there. Both the lead up to the chorus and the chorus itself creates the perfect atmosphere for a song like this. Piano and strings suddenly creep up on you towards the end of the song and are then accompanied by nice bells and bring the song to a close really nicely.

Score – 9

“motto.” is an acoustic ballad with the slightest tinge of Country but once again, I was aprehensive at first, but all of it melted away with such a simple and genius chorus

“I wanna be… motto Strong, motto Thinner, motto Prettier…”

and it continues like that with other adjectives, there was something about it that just caught me. I absolutely loved the really full mix of English and Japanese lyrics here, something MiChi’s known for but I felt had been toning it down lately with just having Japanese lyrics. I was glad to see a resurgence. The strings in the end are to die for and I loved how the song ends exactly how calmly and softly it started.

Score – 9

“Find your way” suffers  by just sounding to similar to ONE to me, but like, worse. I feel like MiChi’s vocals were good here, but that’s really one of the only good things I can say about this one.

Score – 7

And here we go, the Shibuya de Punch of the album. Though I shouldn’t really say that since the songs don’t really sound the same at all, but they are similar in the fact that they are probably the most unique songs that the album has to offer and they really stand alone. “THERAPY” is really ethereal, mostly consisting of unique atmospheric and ambient sounds with beats and synth, with MiChi mostly speaking, in a mix of English and Japanese. The only time any real singing occurs is in the “chorus” where the music picks up. Truth be told, the song is really a trip, and a wonder to listen to and showcases how great the artistry of MiChi can really be. The song gets a bit more song-like as it comes to a closing, with the arrangement getting more involved and a true melody coming in. For how odd it is, I think it’s one of the best pieces on the album.

Score – 9.5

“ONE” was fine though it was unknowingly the first step in a downward slope of songs, unfortunately. The song is pretty good really, it’s just really too bad how much of a let down the chorus tends to be to me. As the closing song of the album, it works well though.

Score – 8

Final Note

So thank god for the new tracks on this album as they have completely revitalized my hope and quite frankly interest in MiChi. Although lets face it, if she kept going downhill I would still have her older songs to remember her by, much like gnd… but I’m getting off topic here. Regardless of what’s recently been released, the new songs more than make up for it. Too often, the singles are just a sad show of what’s to come when the album hits, thankfully that wasn’t the case with THERAPY. I’m truly interested to see where MiChi heads next and I’m happy to be back on board, though let’s face it, I never got off, much like the gnd train… I’M DONE I SWEAR.

Overall Rating




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  1. I really liked this album, despite the lackluster singles. To be honest, the b sides for both singles were a lot stronger, and would have fit better with the tone of the album. I wasn’t big on Find You Way when I first heard it, but it’s grown on me, and I think it blends well with the overall sound of the album.

    The new songs are AMAZING, and make up for the weak singles. (When they first dropped I wanted to pretend they didn’t exist because I was so pissed at how much MiChi had fallen off). That being said, I think you graded Light Up a little harshly. It shows a transition in MiChi to something a little bit darker in sound than we’re used to hearing from her. The song builds up nicely into a synth filled chorus with big vocals. Also, I really love the bridge where she chants light up repeatedly. Light up is one of those songs you can get lost in, and it’s MILES better than her last two singles. The first think I thought when listening to the song is why in F*cks name did she not release this as single.

    As for the best of the new songs, I drift between Take it Easy and Therapy. As you said, Take it Easy is sooo MiChi, and it’s definitely a song that could easily fit on any of her past releases. Therapy on the other hand is pure art. It really manages to capture the overall dream-like and ethereal tone of the album, and as the name suggests it’s pure therapy. It’s a very soothing and relaxing song, and has easily become one of my favorites from MiChi.

    Overall, It’s a great album with the only flat out BAD song being Wonder Woman. I would have much rather had All About the Girls or ANYTHING in its place.

    • Exactly what I thought. UP TO YOU had the best B-sides on it. This one could have had them on here because they were that good, like LiFE CLOCK, Perfect World was decent, Strong MAN was good too.

      Don’t get me wrong, I do really like Light Up though 😛

      And yeah, WoNdeR WomaN just shouldn’t even exist ahaha

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