Ken Hirai – Kokuhaku

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Ken Hirai – Kokuhaku

1. Kokuhaku

2. Woman “W no Higeki” Yori

3. Kokuhaku -less vocal-

See kids, take note, this is what happens when there isn’t anything being released for a set time, I keep track of the next releases, however far away they may be, but I always get either a little lazy and take a while to get back to reviewing them once they actually get released or I forget outright… Enough of my excuses though.

“Kokuhaku” really strikes me as a return to form for Ken, as his past couple releases have been so insanely bad I’ve wanted to stop reviewing them once and for all and save my ears the pain. I’m happy to report that Kokuhaku is really good. I really wasn’t expecting how dark this song was going to sound but it’s exactly that. The synths play off great with quite a funked up electric guitar and strings. The production overall blasts a slew of Ken’s past songs out of the water, sounding really dramatic at times and just really well put together, not to mention that this song actually has proper flow which I think was missing from his past releases as well. I think what I liked was Ken’s voice, of course he sounds good, but there is also an intensity there that I found really great and refreshing.

Score – 8

While I was really worried that I was going to be hit with another crap ballad from Ken, since his last few have been pretty bad, “Woman “W no Higeki” Yori” was nice to hear. The whole song has an overall jazzy, lounge-like atmosphere to it. It’s really relaxed and made me feel relaxed and that’s one of the reasons I liked it as much as I did. Again Ken’s vocals are just right, and not annoying to me like they had previously been for a bit. The piano and strings are positively on point here and again, sound refreshing and not at all generic to me.

Score – 8

Final Note

AHHHHHHH. I’m so glad this was actually really good! Thank god too, I was beginning to lose hope.

Overall Rating



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