Crystal Kay – VIVID

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Crystal Kay – VIVID

1. Forever

2. Be Mine

3. Take It Outside

4. Yo Yo

5. Come Back To Me

6. What We Do

7. Superman

8. Memory Box

9. Haru Arashi

10. Fly High

11. Delicious na Kinyoubi

12. Rising Sun

13. Haru Arashi (Kazuhiko Maeda Remix)

14. Forever (Kazuhiko Maeda Remix)

15. Forever (Max K Remix)

16. Yo Yo (English Version)


OK, just a bit late, and even later than I said it would be ready but hey, I’ve been busy, a girl’s gotta make money, you know.


I legitimately JUST reviewed “Forever” so you can go check that out yourself because I’m not spending more time on it than I already have, as good as it is. Also because we have better songs to get to.

 Score – 9

Unfortunately “Be Mine” isn’t really one of them. The song features playful vocals, lyrics and synths, which along with the title made me think of those little heart shaped candies, maybe that’s the point. It ends up sounding like it’s trying to be a little dubstep which these days seems almost expected. I like though that it isn’t fully dubstepping it up, overall though, it’s one of the songs I liked the least on the album.

Score – 7

I’m just going to get it out of the way now. “Take It Outside” is an absolutely AMAZING song. Right off the bat the beat sounds great and it just hooks you in. I liked how the pre-chorus calms everything down as it prepares you for the bass drop and the chorus kicking in and doing wonderful things to your ears. This is just a song that straight up delivers. It has just the right amount of vocals allowing you to enjoy those and the music itself as well. My one and only complaint was that the song was too short! Though that never mattered to me much as I’ve listened to it on repeat for several days.

Score – 9.5

Following in Take It Outside’s footsteps comes “Yo Yo”. It’s got a banging beat accompanied by some heavy piano chords. Loved the fast pace of the incredibly infectious chorus and the playfulness of the song all around as well as the lyrics. I’ll admit that when I first heard the demo of this song, I really wasn’t sure if I liked it or not. However, as soon as I heard Crystal’s final version I was completely hooked on it and it’s one of my favorite songs on the album.

Score – 9.5

Much to my disappointment, “Come Back To Me” was not a cover of the Utada Hikaru song of the same name, however, I got over that quickly once I started listening. It’s genuinely good and ends up sounding like CKay’s take on a modern American R&B ballad. A good beat and some synth backed by strings and Kay’s awesome vocals really makes the song shine and again puts it at one of my instant favorites on the album.

Score – 9

The beat doesn’t let up and continues on with “What We Do” which is all in English. The song is fun, and it has got some funk going on with it as well thanks to the background guitar. The vocals and lyrics are really playful and Crystal really shows us a singing style all her own here. The synths and melody ended up making me think of a more upbeat lighter version of Lady Gaga’s Monster which I’m totally OK with. Again, one of the best on the album.

Score – 9.5

The single that started her label change, “Superman” is up next. Since listening to it, I’ve come to think it’s a little ordinary but still a decent song overall, and I was glad to hear Crystal’s R&B making a comeback.

Score – 8

Naturally, “Memory Box” slows things down a lot. A pretty piano ballad, backed by strings, powerful vocals and of course a lot of emotion coming for CKay. A good beat which combines some synths, clapping and percussion becomes incorporated after the intro/first chorus which I think I could have done without, but don’t get me wrong, it totally works and perhaps without it the song would have been a little too plain. One of her best ballads since “I pray” I think, but lord knows she probably wont top that any time soon, that song is GOLD.

Score – 8.5

I wouldn’t say that I’m “over” “Haru Arashi” but I’ve definitely come down from its high. I do like the song a lot though and thought it was a great dance-like track

Score – 8.5

“Fly High” continues where Haru Arashi left off. It’s got a fast paced beat that by this point in the album was pretty refreshing. It’s accompanied by clapping and some really smooth vocals  coming from Crystal. The song is one of the more R&B tracks on the album and actually made me miss them coming from her. I really liked the instrumental outro, though like Be Mine, it’s one of the songs I ended up liking least off the album, but by no means is it a bad song, though maybe a little forgettable.

Score – 7.5

“Delicious na Kinyoubi” and Haru Arashi were released together and originally I thought Haru Arashi was just a tad bit better. Over time though, I’ve become a bit tired with Haru Arashi, however I’m still popping it to Delicious na Kinyoubi so I think that says something.

Score – 9

“Rising Sun” is a mid-tempo track with strong vocals, a nice atmosphere and just a good sound overall. Of course, it works amazing as an album closer and I don’t think I would have liked it as much had it been anywhere else on the album. The repeated “Just hold on, baby, please be strong.” in the bridge and the end of the song was perfect .I’ve ended up listening to it a lot more than I thought I would when I originally heard it.

Score – 8.5

-The Remixes-

I don’t have much to say about the Haru Arashi remix, as it wasn’t exactly a track I imagine needed a remix, but then again, they remix every single song no matter what these days. The first Forever remix isn’t too bad in all honesty but the second one definitely just doesn’t work for me.

-Yo Yo (English Version)-

It features different lyrics but they are good and if you end up liking the “original” you’ll love this one too. I end up listening to both versions an equal amount.

Final Note

Opinions on this album seem to be a bit mixed but might I say it is easily world’s better than Spin The Music was. To me, this album definitely lives up to its title. I think songs on here rank in with some of her best ever. As an album it works well in redefining Crystal as an artist and a force to be reckoned with in the music industry. Great job CKay!

Overall Rating



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