Ayumi Hamasaki – LOVE again

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Ayumi Hamasaki - LOVE again


Ayumi Hamasaki – LOVE again

1. Wake me up

2. Song 4 U

3. Missing


5. Melody

6. task’n’bass

7. Bye-bye darling

8. snowy kiss

9. Sweet scar

10. petal

11. glasses

12. untitled for her… story 2

13. Gloria

14. Ivy

15. You & Me


So Ayumi and Co. angered a lot of fans with this release as it included every track from the two mini albums she had just put out and naturally only had a few new tracks, like I said in my again review, I couldn’t care less. ¬†At this stage I feel like Ayu could release stuff in any way she wants to and if I get a good song or two out of it then I’m happy.

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