JASMINE – Best Partner

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JASMINE - Best Partner


JASMINE – Best Partner

1. Best Partner

2. B*TCH*S

3. Touch me on the Beach

4. Best Partner (Instrumental)


After a long silence, JASMINE released this single. Of course that was months ago and now there’s a long silence again. COME ON JASMINE. I NEED MORE OF YOUR MUSIC, aka I liked these songs.


After a short intro “Best Partner” starts with JASMINE singing against some quick strings. Clapping and beats soon follow in what seems like typical JASMINE fashion. Things get a little more interesting though in the lead up to the chorus as I quickly realize all of this is building up to an emotional and explosive sounding chorus, the highlight of the song. It was really what drew me into the song the most and really made me like it. JASMINE’s belting really conveys in simple sound what is being conveyed in the lyrics. I liked how the music somehow seems lighter at the end in the outro though I still do like the darker more serious tone of the song overall. Other than having a title that seemed awkward to me at first I feel like this is one of JASMINE’s better songs, now if she would just release more…

Score – 9

“B*TCH*S”, what a title. Once again, kind of an explosive, brazen kind of song with heavy synth going on. The background vocalizing throughout the song, especially during the chorus heightens the song, really bringing it to another level. I really loved the lyrics, strong, playful, sexy, with a real girl on top feel to them. JASMINE really does well with these types of songs I think.

Score – 8.5

“Touch me on the Beach” is a sexy, high energy, summer track that never lets up. I liked the way the lyrics seemed to flow and especially how JASMINE sings them, there is a playful, wildness she can give her voice sometimes that really works for her and the mood of the song. Again, these are the kinds of songs that I feel she does really good with. That being said, I did think that this was the weakest track overall. It’s really not bad, but the other two are just better and kind of end up overshadowing it.

Score – 7.5

Final Note

Really glad JASMINE comes back strong with this single, but not happy she still hasn’t released anything new yet…

Overall Rating



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