the brilliant green – BLACKOUT

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the brilliant green – BLACKOUT



3. I’m sick of this place

4. Talk to me

5. Blue Daisy

6. Break Free

7. Going Underground


9. Spring Gate

10. Song 2

11. I Just Can’t Breathe



Wow, the brilliant green’s first album since 2002, that’s quite a long time indeed. A lot has changed since then for sure, including the loss of a member. The trio is now a duo, does the duo still have it in them? If the singles are any indication I’d say so, but let’s see about this album. Continue Reading the brilliant green – BLACKOUT…


the brilliant green – I Just Can’t Breathe

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the brilliant green – I Just Can’t Breathe

1. I Just Can’t Breathe

2. It Really Makes My Day!

3. Tsumetai Hana (Acoustic Version)

As soon as I started “I Just Can’t Breathe” I immediately realized it had a darker tone than recent songs released by the brilliant green, akin to Enemy, in recent years. I really liked it and it sounded like classic buriguri. It’s melancholic and acoustic and Kawase’s vocals are on the low side most of the time. The chorus was the best part and where things pick up a bit instrumentally. A great buriguri track in my opinion.

Score – 8.5

“It Really Makes My Day” switches it up as it’s a bit of an upbeat song. The melody itself was similar to that of Spring Gate which is a similar song in general, but I liked Spring Gate so that isn’t a bad thing. The lyrics are cute, but I just wish the chorus felt a little more involved, not a bad B-side.

Score – 7

This single ends with an acoustic version of an earlier buriguri song called “Tsumetai Hana”. The vocals are updated which is nice, and I really liked the more vulnerable sound this version gives the song.

Score – 7.5

Final Note

Not a bad release, but I want to see the brilliant green step it up just a bit.

Overall Rating


the brilliant green – Blue Daisy

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the brilliant green – Blue Daisy

1. Blue Daisy

2. All Day And All Of The Night


This is the brilliant green’s second single after their second comeback 😛 Unfortunately, the brilliant green’s guitarist, Ryo Matsui had decided to leave the group, however, Tomoko Kawase and Shunsaku Okuda will continue to perform as the brilliant green.

“Blue Daisy” sounds typically melancholic and I couldn’t help but feel that it might have been influenced a little by Ryo leaving. I might not be anywhere near right but that’s just what I feel. I kind of liked Blue Daisy even though it was sort of generic and maybe even a little bit like Like Yesterday.

Score – 0

“All Day And All Of The Night” is a cover of a song originally by The Kinks. Kawase’s English is still a little horrendous and if I didn’t already know the song, I’d have no idea what she was saying. Nothing really amazing about this cover, just a straight up cover with nothing new or interesting going on.

Score – 0

“BLUE SUNRISE” is a really good, simple acoustic song that I’ll say right now is the best track on this single. Like I said, it’s simple and it’s a really short song, but it overshadows the others and actually really improved my overall opinion of this single.

Score – 0

Final Note

Overall Rating


the brilliant green – LIKE YESTERDAY

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the brilliant green – LIKE YESTERDAY


2. Spring Gate

3. at light speed (“Sono Speed De” English ver.)

the brilliant green is back with another comeback single! Horrah! But I hear this time they are actually going to come out with a new album. After finally getting to listen to LIKE YESTERDAY I forgot how much I missed the sound of Tomoko Kawase’s voice.

“LIKE YESTERDAY” starts off mid-tempo with acoustic guitar and some lower vocals from Tommy, electric guitar joins soon after. I really liked the chorus and the bridge which features prominent electric guitar and Tommy just vocalizing. I also liked the quieter part after that features some slight clapping. Altogether I guess you could say I really liked this song.

Score – 8.5

If I really liked LIKE YESTERDAY, I think I love “Spring Gate”. I’m not sure why really, although I really liked the feel the chorus gave. The songs tempo is a little faster than LIKE YESTERDAY and it has more going on for the entire song rather than certain parts. I really liked the note held by Tommy at the end and thought it was a great closing to the song.

Score – 9

I’ve never heard Sono Speed De, so when it came to the English version “at light speed”, I didn’t have anything to go by. As far as being in English, I think Tommy has gotten a little better but there are plenty of times where I don’t really know what she is saying. I’m on the fence about everything but the chorus which I thought was done really well, although Tommy’s vocals can sound a little funny at times.

Score – 7.5

Final Note

This was good, but I can only hope for better things to come.

Overall Rating


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