Dissidia 012[duodecim] Final Fantasy

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Dissidia 012[duodecim] Final Fantasy

Dissidia 012[duodecim] Final Fantasy or DDFF for short is a prequel to the first game released way back in 2009. It features more characters and a new story as well as updated and improved gameplay and also the introduction of real DLC. A lot of people complained at how duodecim was just the same game in a shiny new package and while that’s not entirely untrue there are some pretty good reasons as to why it’s not entirely true either. There has been a lot of value added to the series and not to mention, this game only costs $29.99USD. Maybe I should just get going with the review rather than sounding similar to an advertisement.

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Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep

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Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Review

At long last, the full Kingdom Hearts experience finally goes portable on the PSP. Sure there was Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories and even Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days which was even more like its console predecessors, but Birth by Sleep really manages to capture everything that made Kingdom Hearts great on consoles, on a portable system. I’ve been waiting so long and have been so excited for this game and I’m thrilled to have finally been able to play it. Continue Reading Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep…

Dissidia Final Fantasy

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Dissidia Final Fantasy

Dissidia Final Fantasy Review

This review was supposed to be released yesterday but, once again, my router is dead and I have yet to get a new one. Well anyway, onto the review. Since Dissidia Final Fantasy was released I knew I wanted it as soon as it came out. I pre-ordered it and everything (which I rarely do). In all fairness I did pre-order it because of the pre-order bonus from Gamestop. For pre-ordering there, you got two different slip cases for the game. A Cosmos and a Chaos cover. They are actually really nice and I was pleasantly surprised with them. I also learned that the insert cover art is reversible. One side has all the heroes and the other side has all the villains. Some people, like me, want to know this stuff.


Like most fighting games, the stories tend to be strange or just altogether non-existent. In Dissidia, the story is strange-ish but I found it to be a bit deeper than other fighting games. Cliff notes version? The warriors of the deity, Cosmos are battling against the warriors of the deity, Chaos. That’s pretty much it. Cosmos’ warriors are of course, the past main protagonists from Final Fantasy games, from I to X. The same goes for Chaos’ side except he has all of the main villains. It gets a tad more interesting than that but not by much. It’s to be expected though, so I’m not all that phased.

The goddess, Cosmos and one of her warriors, Squall, from FFVIII.

Score 8


I started the game up and learned that you can do a data install. You don’t have to but if you select the largest data install, load times are almost non-existent. It took about an hour to install and once it did I dived right into the game. The controls are nice for this game, although I would’ve liked to have a full 360 degree movement rather than the 0 -> 45 -> 90 degree setup they have. So far I haven’t really encountered any kind of problems with the camera although I find myself wanting to move it but not because I would have to use the directional buttons. It’s an awkward setup akin to the Monster Hunter games on PSP. The game offers it fair share of challenges, I never seem to have an incredibly easy time, although it depends on the character you are using I guess. I’m not a fan of fighting games but I became infatuated with this game as soon as I started playing it. Like all the other FF games out there, you can equip weapons, armor and accessories that have impacts on your stats, and you can also gain levels, which makes this fighting game a bit more RPG-ish and I loved it.

On top of all this the game offers many bonuses and cool features. The tutorials in the game features other characters from past Final Fantasy games such as FFIV’s Rydia for the tutorial on Summonstones. The game also features the ability to record any battle you choose and replay it later. It has an extensive editing system for the recordings which I have yet to even delve completely into. You can save many battles for replay but one of the most impressive features is the games ability to convert the battle replays into AVI videos which is suitable for viewing on your PSP or a computer. The game does have mutiplayer, allowing you to face off against a friend with any of the 22 characters that you have available. For now the multiplayer is only available over local wireless connection but if Sony brings Ad-Hoc Party to the US PSN that could change.

Score – 9


On top of all these features, the graphical prowess of the game makes you forget that you are actually playing a portable title. The characters are rendered smoothly, and their actions are very fluid. All of the spell and ability effects are really cool and are sure to wow. I’ll say this many times I’m sure, but Square Enix games on PSP tend to be some of the most graphically amazing, I love it. Little things here and there such as in battle notifications that matched the menu theme of the game your respective character came from made the game feel really polished.

Hard to distinguish from FFX on PS2, huh?

Score – 9.5

Final Note

Dissidia Final Fantasy has a lot to offer. I’m sure the more I play the more things I will discover and like. This was a great buy and now I know it was totally worth picking this game up on the first day.

Overall Rating


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