Review Key

Review Key

All songs will get a number score from one to ten, 1 being the lowest 10 being the highest.


That score will then be averaged with the rest of the songs on the single or album that received a score. That will then be translated into a star rating.

Full 1 Star: This  means that this really wasn’t worth my time. I hated it and wish I never came across it.

FullFull 2 Stars: It’s a little better than 1 Star, maybe a few redeeming qualities here and there but overall this sucked.

FullFullFull 3 Stars: This wasn’t horrible, but it wasn’t extremely good either. It was kind of worth my time.

FullFullFullFull 4 Stars: This was quite good. I enjoyed it a lot and was glad to review it. Definitely worth my time.

FullFullFullFullFull 5 Stars: Amazing! This was perfect! I’m so glad I came across this and it was great  to review it!


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  1. How you made to add notes in the form of stars I try to make that since indeed for a long time but do not arrive there!! Thank you in advance for your help.

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