Angela Aki – BLUE

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Angela Aki - BLUE


Angela Aki – BLUE

1. Aiueo

2. Kokuhaku

3. Foolish Love

4. Koi no Kakehiki

5. Cry

6. In My Blood

7. You and I

8. Monster

9. Kokoro no Tenkiyohou

10. factory

11. Yoake Mae no Inori

12. BLUE

13. One Family ~Uchuu no Nagisa~


Well, I guess marriage and pregnancy do some wonderful things for a classy gal like Angela Aki. BLUE is one of her best albums to date and it’s just really refreshing and I think Angela knew it would be because that’s the kind of album she clearly wanted to make. You can just tell, from the cover, to the tracks themselves, it just exudes a new and fresh attitude. It’s an album I’ve really enjoyed listening to over and over.

And yes I really am going to try to just jump right back in to reviewing everything like I used to, but give me time. Continue Reading Angela Aki – BLUE…


Angela Aki – Kokuhaku

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Angela Aki – Kokuhaku

1. Kokuhaku

2. Kokuhaku -Ishino Takkyu Remix-

3. Uchuu -80KIDZ Remix-

4. Kokuhaku -Anime Version-

Angela revitalizes her tried and true sound while still sounding refreshing with Kokuhaku. It’s an uplifting song that has excellent flow and is a perfect fit for summer. I was instantly drawn in with the infectious melody and catchy lyrics, especially the chorus. The structure of the song itself has the chorus delayed a bit which I kind of liked because it made it that much better when it does finally hit. Once again I’m so attracted to Angela’s voice and the way she says the words and the emotion she pours into them. That last “Say you love me too” in the bridge? Perfection.

Score – 9.5

Those remixes are admittedly pretty terrible, and the Anime Version of Kokuhaku is just an abridged version of the song so not much to mention there.

Overall Rating


Angela Aki – Hajimari no Ballad / I Have a Dream

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Angela Aki – Hajimari no Ballad / I Have a Dream

1. Hajimari no Ballad

2. I Have a Dream


Hey look, it’s one of the first singles I’m reviewing somewhat on time. AMAZING!

Quite possibly, Angela Aki can do no wrong. “Hajimari no Ballad” does sound somewhat like the usual fair from Angela but at the same time, by the end of the song it feels like a breath of fresh air. I suppose that’s just what Angela is able to do with a song. It’s epic and uplifting and there’s piano and percussion and strings and it’s all very fantastic. Anything groundbreaking for Angela? Not really, but it’s a nice listen regardless, like I said, Angela is flawless.

Score – 8.5

When I saw “I Have a Dream” all I thought of was Susan Boyle. But this has nothing to do with Susan Boyle so… Anyway! It’s starts off quite calm, just Angela and her piano and eventually some strings come into play. When the chorus comes along, it sounds like there is a male backing singer which is something rare for Angela but I didn’t have a problem with it. The song was just alright, but then the bridge comes in, Angela starts repeating “I Have a Dream” as electric guitar slowly builds over everything and percussion comes in. Angela starts repeating this one line over and over again, building up her vocals each time as the music builds around her, and then it suddenly stops, back to just Angela and piano and she repeats the line one more time. It’s an amazing ending and makes me LOVE this song.

Score – 9

What would a new Angela single be without a cover? Yup, this “CREEP” is a Japanese cover of the original Creep by Radiohead. It starts off with breaths from Angela and then piano and vocals start while the breaths continue. This version, of course, is very understated and not that similar to the original at all. The echo, and emptiness really give the song an interesting atmosphere especially in the bridge where Angela really shows off some vocal ability followed by contrasting, very quiet, almost whispering vocals, and then Angela singing in English. A very interesting listen

Score – 8

Final Note

As much as I liked Ai no Kisetsu, I find this single to be a much stronger start to a new era and it gets me really excited.

Overall Rating


Angela Aki – LIFE

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Angela Aki – LIFE

1. Ai no Kisetsu

2. Kagayaku Hito

3. Every Woman’s Song

4. Sign

5. Remember Me

6. Unbreakable

7. What Are The Roses For?

8. Ai to Bansoukou

9. Mad Scientist

10. The Truth Is Like A Lie

11. Bop Bop Bop (Colors of Your Soul)

12. Haha Naru Daichi

13. LIFE

Here’s an album I’ve been waiting for for quite a while. Unfortunately, it was released the day after Birth by Sleep was released here in the US, in other words, I forgot about it and was/is too busy with Kingdom Hearts to review it. But I’ve managed to steal some time away now and will finally begin my review. Continue Reading Angela Aki – LIFE…

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