New Artist? ROLA!

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So there is this new artist that I have recently discovered (recently like, months ago, but whatevs) whose name is ROLA. She’s a Japanese model and “talent” which essentially means famous for being famous but hey she’s branching out and singing now! Not only that but her debut single will be the theme song to the new Pokemon movie!

Awww, isn’t she cute?

Her singing debut was with the single “i hate u” which was a collaboration with ISSA and SoulJa under ISSAxSoulJa+ROLA which was released back in September. The song I actually found pretty good and I really like ROLA’s singing even though there is only a little and it’s towards the end. You can watch the video here. If I start reviewing ROLA I will actually probably start with this single in anticipation for her debut entitled “Memories”

So my question, to which I hopefully get SOME responses to, is this…


Quick Update

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Just decided to post a quick update here since it’s been a while. As my little sidebar news thing says, it’s been hectic for me and I’ve been really busy with school but it’s all about to be over and as soon as it is I will have so much more free time. Therefor I will be updating this blog to the fullest and get back into the swing of things. Also, hopefully I’ll never get so busy again, I really don’t like not posting here.

I’ve also updated a few things such as the Reviewed Artists, Reviewed Games, and Upcoming Reviews pages.

Hope readers are still reading/waiting xD ❤

This Update is Late

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I mean really late. You know how something’s a little late, so you’re like, “Oh, I have to get that done.” But because it’s late you just put it off and put it off and put it off until it’s really late? Yeah… I do that a little too often.

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