Angela Aki – BLUE

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Angela Aki - BLUE


Angela Aki – BLUE

1. Aiueo

2. Kokuhaku

3. Foolish Love

4. Koi no Kakehiki

5. Cry

6. In My Blood

7. You and I

8. Monster

9. Kokoro no Tenkiyohou

10. factory

11. Yoake Mae no Inori

12. BLUE

13. One Family ~Uchuu no Nagisa~


Well, I guess marriage and pregnancy do some wonderful things for a classy gal like Angela Aki. BLUE is one of her best albums to date and it’s just really refreshing and I think Angela knew it would be because that’s the kind of album she clearly wanted to make. You can just tell, from the cover, to the tracks themselves, it just exudes a new and fresh attitude. It’s an album I’ve really enjoyed listening to over and over.

And yes I really am going to try to just jump right back in to reviewing everything like I used to, but give me time. Continue Reading Angela Aki – BLUE…


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