Crystal Kay – VIVID

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Crystal Kay – VIVID

1. Forever

2. Be Mine

3. Take It Outside

4. Yo Yo

5. Come Back To Me

6. What We Do

7. Superman

8. Memory Box

9. Haru Arashi

10. Fly High

11. Delicious na Kinyoubi

12. Rising Sun

13. Haru Arashi (Kazuhiko Maeda Remix)

14. Forever (Kazuhiko Maeda Remix)

15. Forever (Max K Remix)

16. Yo Yo (English Version)


OK, just a bit late, and even later than I said it would be ready but hey, I’ve been busy, a girl’s gotta make money, you know.

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Crystal Kay – Forever

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Crystal Kay – Forever

1. Forever

2. Forever (SKY HIGH REMIX)

3. Haru Arashi (BONEBOX REMIX)

4. Forever (Instrumental)

Yes I know this review is quite late. Unfortunately, on the day I was supposed to be typing it up the power went out, naturally, of course I’ve been fairly busy since then hence the delay. But fear not, here it is!

I honestly thought that “Forever” was going to be a ballad but it turned around and blew my expectations away. Turns out it’s an upbeat banger. The synths are on point and the overall atmosphere of the song is perfect for summertime. The beat is great and Crystal’s vocals are awesome as always. The song really shines as it incorporates a lot and makes it all work, right down to the tribal beats and chanting featured throughout. The high notes my girl hits at the very end are fantastic and reminds you why she is in the biz. I could listen to this song Forever, and since hearing it, I practically have.

Score – 9

Final Note

Perfect summer song, great production.

Overall Rating


– Note –

You may have noticed that this review is a little bare, as I didn’t review the remixes. I’ve decided that while I know remixes aren’t all bad, typically I HATE them, so unless one blows me away and I actually think it’s worth mentioning, I’m just flat out not going to bother as I don’t want it to affect the overall rating of the single, thanks!

Crystal Kay – Delicious na Kinyoubi / Haru Arashi

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Crystal Kay – Delicious na Kinyoubi / Haru Arashi

1. Delicious na Kinyoubi

2. Haru Arashi

3. Delicious na Kinyoubi (Instrumental)

4. Haru Arashi (Instrumental)

This is Crystal Kay’s second new single on her new label and first new double A-side single.

“Delicious na Kinyoubi” starts right off with a thumping beat and nice vocalizing from. The music borders on a more synthetic side contrasting with her first new single Superman, which I think is a good thing because while I do love her R&B, I love her Pop a bit more. Crystal sings in a slightly low range at first and kicks things up in the chorus which is amazing. At first it seemed so different and a bit detached from the rest of the song, but after giving it a couple listens it feels more natural. It’s so upbeat and super infectious, not to mention her vocals sound perfectly controlled. I was less than crazy about the breakdown in the bridge, it’s not that I didn’t like it but it kind of felt out of place.

Score – 8.5

“Haru Arashi” continues a more upbeat vibe when honestly, I was kind of expecting a ballad here. Regardless I was pleasantly surprised to hear this electric, kind of dance-y track à la FLASH, which is something I’ve been waiting to hear, that is, songs that sounded like they did on FLASH. It has this really cool ethereal vibe going throughout which I thought was really cool. The lead up to the chorus was one of the highlights of the song. It builds a bit, comes down, builds again and then the chorus hits.The chorus itself is pretty good too, but certainly a little shadowed by that lead up. I thought it was cool to hear the English words “the spring storm” at various parts of the song, “Spring Storm” is what Haru Arashi directly translates to. The song ends in this kind of abrupt way that I liked, it didn’t feel cut short though, which is good. This is exactly one of the kinds of songs I needed to hear from Crystal.

Score – 9

Final Note 

More impressed than I thought I would be. I’m glad that her new direction looks as if it will have some variety.

Overall Rating


Crystal Kay – Superman

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Crystal Kay – Superman

1. Superman

2. Love Road

3. Superman (Piano Version)

4. Superman (Instrumental)

5. Love Road (Instrumental)

Yay finally!

Crystal gets back to her true R&B roots with “Superman” and it has never looked better on her. The song starts off with some thumping beats alongside Kay’s smooth voice. I liked how the chorus kind of explodes and I especially liked the melody during it. The breakdown starting off the bridge, featuring a small talking section in English, was a really cool touch. Also, the sound effects during it gave a really different feel. The synths and claps that the song ended with was incredibly cool and ended the song off well.

Score – 8

“Love Road” is most certainly a typical piano ballad, especially one from Crystal Kay, you’ll probably feel as if you’ve heard it already unfortunately. I mean, Kay’s voice is beautiful there’s no doubt, but there’s really nothing groundbreaking about this one. Though, the almost uplifting sound of it all was nice and that I enjoyed. Again, it’s a bit more R&B than the majority of her stuff lately, which is a nice change up, even though I liked the more synthetic sound FLASH had.

Score – 7.5

The “Piano Version” of Superman is exactly what you’d expect it to be, a slowed down, piano ballad version of the song. I thought it wasn’t going to work that well, but it ended up sounding much better than I thought it would. The translation from uptempo song being sung in this manner with the piano backing it actually was kind of refreshing. I was unexpectedly impressed, though, I wouldn’t go on and say it was amazing or anything.

Score – 8

Final Note

This single might not be her best, but I’m just glad she’s back tbh.

Overall Rating


Crystal Kay – Spin The Music

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Crystal Kay – Spin The Music

1. Journey ~Kimi to Futari de~

2. After Love -First Boyfriend- feat. KANAME (CHEMISTRY)

3. Konya wa No.1

4. Kimi ga Ireba

5. Time of Love

6. I pray

7. Goodbye


9. Hands up


11. Thank You For Talkin’ To Me Africa (Yellow Magic Orchestra feat. Crystal Kay)

12. I’ll be there

So here it is, a new Crystal Kay album, something I’ve been waiting for for quite a while. Considering how great FLASH was and the direction Crystal seemed to be going in, I had high expectations for this album. Continue Reading Crystal Kay – Spin The Music…

Crystal Kay – Journey ~Kimi to Futari de~

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Crystal Kay – Journey ~Kimi to Futari de~

1. Journey ~Kimi to Futari de~


3. Journey ~Kimi to Futari de~ (Instrumental)

I really loved the whole beginning of “Journey ~Kimi to Futari de~” and the synth and the melody that continues throughout the song. The chorus is where the song stands out. I really liked the atmosphere Crystal creates with her voice and I love the feelings it evokes.

Score – 8.5

“HOLD ON” somewhat surprised me by being in English. It features simple but really effective piano. The vocals were great, naturally, and I liked how involved and stand out the ending of the song was. An excellent B-side.

Score – 9

Final Note

A very good lead up to the new album, I can’t wait for it.

Overall Rating


Crystal Kay – After Love -First Boyfriend- feat. KANAME (CHEMISTRY) / Girlfriend feat. BoA

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Crystal Kay – After Love -First Boyfriend- feat. KANAME (CHEMISTRY) / Girlfriend feat. BoA

1. After Love -First Boyfriend- feat. KANAME (CHEMISTRY)

2. Girlfriend feat. BoA

3. Deaeta Kiseki

Sweeeeet! Finally, new music from Crystal Kay. I have been waiting quite patiently for this single and after listening to it I’m glad to say that CK did not disappoint me. I realize that it’s her 10th Anniversary and everything so I expected quite a long wait between Color Change! and some new material. Having said that, on with the review.

I really liked “After Love -First Boyfriend-” as soon as the song opened. The beat of the song is kind of mid paced and it kicks it up a little in the chorus. I did expect the chorus to be a bit… louder? I guess I’m just used to blaring chorus’. Although I quickly got uses to the song and really appreciated the simpler sound. I’m not too sure who KANAME is but his vocals are nice alongside Kay’s, although he mostly just provides background for the enitre song.

Score – 10

I knew BoA and Crystal Kay were friends but I never really expected a collaboration. BoA’s part in “Girlfriend” is much larger than KANAME’s is in After Love -First Boyfriend-. I really liked the two totally different singing styles that CK and BoA have to offer, and as different as they are, they flow good together. I really liked the message of the song as well.

Score – 8.5

“Deaeta Kiseki” is a really mellow song that, to me at least, was quite unexpected. The song still maintains an R&B vibe but there is just something different about it. Kay’s vocals are quite nice in the song and I really like the range she shows in the chorus.I think the music itself is what sets the song apart from other Crystal Kay tracks that I have heard and am used to.

Score – 8

Final Note

Overall I am pretty happy with this single and I can’t wait for her to release a new one.

Overall Rating


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