Crystal Kay – Forever

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Crystal Kay – Forever

1. Forever

2. Forever (SKY HIGH REMIX)

3. Haru Arashi (BONEBOX REMIX)

4. Forever (Instrumental)

Yes I know this review is quite late. Unfortunately, on the day I was supposed to be typing it up the power went out, naturally, of course I’ve been fairly busy since then hence the delay. But fear not, here it is!

I honestly thought that “Forever” was going to be a ballad but it turned around and blew my expectations away. Turns out it’s an upbeat banger. The synths are on point and the overall atmosphere of the song is perfect for summertime. The beat is great and Crystal’s vocals are awesome as always. The song really shines as it incorporates a lot and makes it all work, right down to the tribal beats and chanting featured throughout. The high notes my girl hits at the very end are fantastic and reminds you why she is in the biz. I could listen to this song Forever, and since hearing it, I practically have.

Score – 9

Final Note

Perfect summer song, great production.

Overall Rating


– Note –

You may have noticed that this review is a little bare, as I didn’t review the remixes. I’ve decided that while I know remixes aren’t all bad, typically I HATE them, so unless one blows me away and I actually think it’s worth mentioning, I’m just flat out not going to bother as I don’t want it to affect the overall rating of the single, thanks!


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