girl next door – signal

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girl next door – signal

1. signal

2. Precious Friend

3. signal (Instrumental)

4. Precious Friend (Instrumental)

Aw cute, that track listing is like a neat little pyramid. Too bad that’s the only thing I’m probably going to like about this single… Ha, if I thought I had lost faith in Ken Hirai what do I think about gnd?

OK, I take it back, “signal” isn’t that bad, especially since it has this kind of retro, 90’s J-Pop sound to it, or at least I think it does… But anyway, I liked the fast pace of the verses and the chorus had a nice melody to it, although some of the progression felt very generic gnd. At the same time, I have to say it was a little more fresh than some of the stuff that, say, was on Destination. So kudos for that, a little more creativity in the overall production and we may have something!

Score – 7.5

I have to say that the same general comments apply to Precious Friend although it’s a bit more… reductive, shall we say. One of it’s saving graces was Chisa’s vocals, which, I will say I always tend to like especially here. Another was this really interesting and damn near exciting piano and synth progression that I absolutely died for when I heard, and I shit you not there was something a little “Mamma Mia” about it. If you heard it you might know what I was talking about. But anyway, I think I simultanesouly was thankful for it, but at the same time it just made me crave more and then become sad because there wasn’t any more.

Score – 7

Final Note

While I’m slightly impressed, I’m of course not blown away, and I’ve seen new era potential be shot in the face by gnd before sooo….

Overall Rating



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